Programmable artificial sub-cellular matrix

The PACE activities have enabled us to see the contours of a new ICT frontier as part of the nano-bio-chemo-info-cogno knowledge convergence. We can now see how it would be possible to develop an artificial subcellular matrix, based on self-assembling and replicable molecular scale substrates embedded in a structured liquid state coupled to a solid state silicon technology via MEMS regulatory feedback loops. Resolving the scientific challenges associated with the assembly of an artificial subcellular matrix would open up for a radical new kind of coupled information, computation, and production technology, with a complete integration of information processing and production, an integration only seen in living systems today. This new substrate would define the basic building blocks of a radical different nano-chemo-bio-ICT. Integrated information processing and production constructions based on this substrate would inherently carry functionalities similar to those that organelles, cells, organs, and organisms have, but it would be humanly controllable at the nanoscale. 

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