In addition to publication activities, the project documented its progress with extensive yearly reports and with 29 deliverables. The list of deliverables, some of which are open to public access, is included here.

1.Position paperon the capabilities of artificial cells in the complex systems approach to information technology.(R, PU)

2.Strategic report on vertical integration of modelling techniques on different scales.(R, CO)

3.Report on experimental design methods, with determination of time scales needed for statistical significance.(R, CO)

4.Report on foundation and first activities of the Centre. (R, PU)

5.Prototype simulation package of basic artificial cell component chemistry, intra- and inter-cellular self-assembly and model behavior in relation to experiments.(R, CO)

6.Prototype simulation package of evolvable reaction networks with a report of model behavior.(R, CO)

7.Report on integration efforts of lipid, template, and metabolic chemistry.(R, CO)

8.Report on functionality of the fabricated microsystems and initial experiments on spatial compartmentalization of artificial cell constituent reactions.(R, CO)

9.Report on initial results from evolution in space of experimental protocols, including simulation of experimental evolution of programming protocell functionality.(R, CO)

10.Report on ECLT (Centre) activities, including one inter-project workshop. (R,PU)

11.Initial prototype of the PACE Virtual Laboratory.(P, RE)

12.Prototype of integrated protocell simulation package utilizing a range of simulation techniques at different space and timescales.(P, RE)

13.Report on simulation of evolution of self-replicating, self-assembling entities, with prototype simulation package for physically self-assembling units of different sizes/shapes/adhesion properties.(P, RE)

14.Report on PNA oligomer (“proto-gene”) formation and hybridization in the lipid phase (or lipid/water interface) including simulation of the experimental results(R, CO)

15.A report on integration efforts of lipid, template and metabolic chemistry towards an artificial cell using the proposed chemistry and approaches to integrate these reactions with microfluidic complementation.(R, CO)

16.Electronic regulated artificial container chemistry.(R, CO)

17.Prototype device for electronic control of artificial cell properties, such as reaction rates, molecular fluxes, and lipid phases.(P, CO)

18.Hardware platform for self-assembly of simple microscale multi-cellular robotic structures and verification of simulation results.(P, RE)

19.3rd annual report on Center activities(R, PU)

20.Final reportsummarizing experiences with the different molecular simulation techniques as (i) conceptual development tools, (ii) as experimental support tools, and (iii) as experimental prediction tools: Successes and failures.(R, PU)

21.Final version of integrated protocell simulation package utilizing a range of simulation techniques at different space and timescales.(P, PU)

22.Report on investigation and analysis of evolutionary aspects of kinetic models ( including growth, metabolism and templating) and of assembly of higher-order structures together with a simulation package for assembly of cell-like units with different sizes/shapes/adhesion properties into larger structures.(P, PU)

23.Combined report on status of chemistry for integrating molecular replication, container reproduction and metabolism(R, RE)

24.Report on integrated microfluidic complementation for artificial cells (R, RE)

25.Report on evolutionary programming towards artificial cells(R, PU)

26.IT Potential Report of artificial cell technology(R, PU)

27.A comprehensive publication on social and ethical issues(R, PU)

28.Final report on activities of Center since foundation(R, PU)

29.Ethical guideline document for artificial cell research(R, PU)

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