New Projects of ECLT

Designing Informative Combinatorial Experiments - DICE

DICE is a Foundation of Venice project during 2007-2010, coordinated by Irene Poli, University of Venice and ECLT.

A great challenge in designing experiments for Living Technology is the complexity and the high dimensionality of the search space. The main purpose of the project is to develop a new methodological approach to design in an efficient and effective way the experimental space. The approach is evolutionary and adaptive, moving from small and random populations of experiments to informative populations according to the results of statistical modelling. The experiments are conducted at the LivingTech Laboratory, created with the support of this project. 

Electronic Chemical Cell - ECCell

ECCell is an FP7 EU project during 2008-2011, coordinated by John McCaskill at Bochum University.

The aim of the project is to establish a novel basis for future adaptive embedded information technology at the molecular level by constructing the first electronically programmable chemical cells (ECCell). These ECCells will function through interplay of chemical microprocessors and information molecule chemistry. Chemical microprocessors act as coprocessors coupled to chemical information systems through a digital electronically programmable microelectrode MEMS interface, taking advantage of integrated electronics and microfluidics. Information processing in molecular systems is not in direct competition with silicon technology, but the long-term goal is to integrate information processing with self-contained molecular construction of information processing materials and components.

ECLT is parter in ECCell with the role to host meetings and workshops in the ECCell project. 

TARgeting environmental POLlution with engineered microbial systemsàla carte - TARPOL, Coordination and support action, coordinated by Andres Moya at Univeritat de Valencia.

Action for the Science of complex SYtems for Socially intelligent icT - ASSYSTCoordination and support action, coordinated by Jeff Johnson at The Open University, London


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